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Where it's at
you knock upon my mind
and you beg to borrow a cup of wisdom
you've come to seek the truth
to ask me where it's at
I thank you for your confidence in me
and yet, you see I cannot draw for you in black and white
a map for you to follow in your quest for that which all men seek
for each man finds that road alone
each day as he eases himself into the stream of life
if he's lucky he may come a little nearer to that goal
I too have been a prospector, wandering in that maze
buffeted by the storms and jagged rocks of life
that tore the nerve ends of my hopes and dreams
and like yours my skin was much to thin to shield me from the inroads of our times
the big machines
the strangling crimson tape
the hatefilled moats that keep us from the other seekers
searching too for the road to where it's at.
but then, one day, the fog within my mind began to clear
and for me the truth shone forth as brilliant as a thousand suns
I had it, all along within my grasp, the answer
so simple that I almost didn't see it
it's love
loving someone more than you love yourself
loving so much that you trust, you give, and you ask nothing in return
this is the purest form of love
and then.
and this is the miracle.
if the one you're giving to believes as you
you've found it, the treasure you've been seeking
you've found out, where it's at.

Leonard Nimoy

Найдено Fiyoli.

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